Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New ad with Kauai Film Studios and IFOK (Independent Filmmakers of Kauai) just launched!

Just finished my newest Ad for Kauai Film Studios
featuring my association with IFOK,
the Independent Filmmakers of Kauai website.

Originally my vision was to have some sort of a Space Ship
landing on the Kauai Film Studios deck,
(where the Studio normally resides until it goes out into Space)
then have it connect to my Space Orbit via a laser.

I was going to put the IFOK logo with just the letters
in the middle of the laser somehow.
After several renditions I realized that maybe
just the eye alone would look better so changed it.
The IFOK letters logo went to the the tail of the spacecraft
(click HERE to see the art larger on Pinterest).

What's interesting. (although unplanned), is that the eye
seems to have a Lord of the Rings feel to it.
Coincidentally I just finished watching that triology
on DVD last night. I don't believe this particular
eye has the story of a Ring attached to it
or does it? Only time will tell…

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