Sunday, July 13, 2014

Super Soul Sunday and the surprise that showed up later

Super Soul Sunday is my favorite TV show,
it airs Sunday mornings on OWN.

I feel that Oprah is doing work that is ultra important, delivering
messages about life that people need to hear and ponder.

This morning's episode featured Dani Shapiro
and asks the question: "What do you believe"?

You can watch it On Demand by clicking HERE.

Dani Shapiro:

"We don't choose what is going to wake us up." 

"Restlessness is a gift, it's a wake up call."

"Recognize the possibility of the divine in any given moment."

"The task of life is to face sacred moments…it requires courage."

"I opened my eyes to the teachers that were all around me…
when the student is ready, the teacher arrives."


"I am open and ready to receive…" 

"Every death is a wakeup call for those of us who remain."

"When you get, give."

After Super Soul Sunday ended, I was working on
my computer and the next show started airing. 
For some reason it caught my attention and instead of
turning it off I kept listening--later I would realize why.

"Undercover Boss" was the name of the show
and the Stephen Cloobeck was the undeniable star
in so many ways, that it was almost unbelievable.

From an online blog:

"Cloobeck--the only boss to undergo the Undercover
 journey twice--has contributed $2 million to his workers,
$1 million of which came from his own pocket."

"…the real reason that he stands out is because that

attitude seems to stand in such stark contrast as 
income inequality grows sharply in corporate America."
Stephen Cloobeck in his Undercover Boss disguise

So his surprise generosity and the way he had the ability to realize
 the impact of giving and making other lives better ties in with the
question that Dani Shapiro was asking us: "What do you believe?"

I believe this:

Life is a journey from selfishness to selflessness.

Seeing his choices in life and his ability to set a
stellar example and impact so many lives in a positive way
made me feel hopeful that more people like him
exist in the world and will step up in time.

We are all here to help one another and it is
truly impressive to see such extreme examples from
 someone who expects nothing in return.
Undoubtedly he's doing the right thing so I am taking a
 moment in time to acknowledge him and say "Thank you!"

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