Monday, April 7, 2014

Dinosaur Storytelling: the #LooseDinosaur is umm, loose

Came across this Dinosaur in the Toy section of a local store.
When I discovered how much it delighted children by using it with some,
it inspired me to own one and the Story Telling on Twitter began.

Eventually she even made it into one of my businesses,
Kauai Island Housesitting, and as a result will now be
v2.0 of the card when I reorder them next time.
So if you want one you'll have to meet me in person.

The Dinosaur has her own #Hashtag: #LooseDinosaur
if you care to follow the frivolity.
The story is being tweeted by @GioLovesYou
and involves escapades all over the Island of Kauai.
You won't believe the adventures she has
and they're not over yet.


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