Monday, October 14, 2013

Big Eye Moo Cards and Swag Gifts

Recently finished up the latest card in my Elevator Pitch series
(a series of cards that I can use to quickly explain my what I do).
The newest one is for my Big Eye Art:

It features the characters of Gio & Riffy who have an ongoing
story that you can see here on my FLICKR page:

The front of the card has Gio channeling John Belushi
from the movie "Animal House" and the back has a spoof of
the famous painting by Edvard Munch called "The Scream".

The painting in real life is 16" x 20"
and you can see it in big detail here.

For a networking meeting I created some
Swag using the new Moo Cards
(see my first foray into Moo Card swag here).

The vision was to tie in the idea of "Big Eye"
with an edible gift, something fun.
So I created a big eye out of a sugar cookie
thinking it would be unique and memorable.

Wrapped the boxes in danger tape so
the recipients would be curious:

 When they opened the box the cookie was still hidden:

I hand designed and cut each zebra frame to specifically
fit within the box, the other side featured "The Scream"
and the art was protected by clear cellophane
(there is pre-sized cellophane that fits it perfectly):

Mia the Persian checks out the Big Eye cookie:

There is a film coming on the Big Eye genre in 2014
if you are unfamiliar with it by Director Tim Burton.
It has an estimated $10 million budget,
for more on that click here.


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