Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Want the magic of Fireflies in your backyard or drink?

I recently embarked on a new project and created a
Fireflies Jar 
for warm summer nights here in Kauai.

Found some really cool solar LED firefly lights and then
went on a mission to find a jar to house them.

Day view of the jar with the solar charger:

Because I live in the tropics, I used a closed lid to
keep out the frequent (but short) rainstorms.

I discovered that it was the 100th Anniversary of Ball Jars
and that they had released a beautiful vintage-style aqua blue pint
 in 2013. Alas, I could not find them in Kauai, but
see how charming they are if you can find them locally:

This jar features a special top called a "Frog Lid"--
imagine it uplighted with some gorgeous flower blooms

So my hunt continued and it produced the perfect container...
the frosted jar  above with an etched bird and branch design
(which hides the wires nicely but lets the light shine through).
Currently Walmart offers a small supply of them as of publish date--
they may be available elsewhere or you can take on another project
and etch and frost your own custom design onto a clear jar.

Because the lights are solar powered it's portable and can go anywhere.
It automatically goes on at dusk and keeps going for hours
with no use of electricity.

It didn't come with a lid so I purchased some separately to
keep the rain off of the wires prolonging the life
of my delightful mesmerizing jar.

 You can make it even more authentic by punching holes 
in the top of lid so your faux fireflies can breathe.
Undoubtedly it will generate a few wistful smiles. 

Now if you really want to have some fun,
pick up some of the plastic Mason Jar mugs
(available many places like this web or Walmart):

But wait! There's more!
Then fill with your favorite beverage and add
Left light resembles a firefly body; ones on right
a cluster or family of fireflies illuminating your drink

Submersible ice cubes would also be swell:
Let your imagination run wild with what you can create.
It's bound to be an unforgettable, electrifying evening!

Photo taken in the forests of Nagoya City, Japan by Yume Cyan

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