Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is my Kauai Gecko cute enough to make the list?

This Gecko finally got used to me aiming my camera
 at him so I was able to get a clear shot
of the colors around his eye, so amazing.
(Click on photo for eye details.)
It looks like he has ribs too.
I think he is more of a James Bond type Gecko,
ready to leap into action while still looking sleek and suave.

But is he cute enough to make the list of
 The 12 Cutest Geckos on Earth ?
Click the link to decide.
This Gold Dust Day Gecko slurping jelly in Kona
ia a sight to behold (photo by Evan Tector):

If you are loving the reptile photos and they've piqued your interest,
check out these macro eye shots, truly incredible:

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