Friday, April 20, 2012

My Woodpecker Alarm Clock, now in living color

Although it's a bit overcast today, the rain has stopped
and I was able to photograph the Woodpecker.
I have to say I was curious as to what he (or she) looked like.
When I went outside it was on the house searching for lunch...
it then flew to the edge of the deck when it saw me
and pointed its booty in my direction!

After that it flew off into the woods, but not for long.
Suddenly I heard "peck...peck...peck..." and there it 
was on the house on the backside this time.
Managed to capture it in action:

Then it flew off again to a high perch on a dead tree
out in the yard. I tried to get in as close as possible
without alarming Woody and got this photo
(not sure if it's the same Woodpecker,
I think there's more than one):

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