Monday, March 12, 2012

Demo Reel for Studio 3

I created a Demo Reel for Studio 3, a photography studio in Seattle.
It showcases some of my photography and creativity.
I created a cover piece of art for the video,
because on Vimeo they allow you to do that
(as opposed to selecting one of their random thumbnails)
which is a storyteller's dream.

Often the front page still is the determining factor as to
whether someone will view a video or not, so it makes sense
that a film producer is able to custom design what
he or she wants the audience to see. 

The art I designed includes snippets of images from the film.
If you need someone to design you a custom landing
piece of art for your video
so that your message is more specific,
email me

p.s. I can also create you a custom video for your online presence,
small business or whatever your need may be.

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