Friday, February 24, 2012

Move aside, Richie Rich, there's a new character in town!

Yesterday I created a spoof Comic Book cover. 
I belong to the Harvey Comics Facebook group, and
someone had been posting a lot of Richie Rich covers.
Did you know that Ape Entertainment is making Richie Rich
comic books again? Yep. I still have some of my
original ones from my childhood.

Riffiet is a character I use in YoVille.
On Valentine's Day they released a Love House, and
I was inspired to turn it into a Bachelorette Pad
for her, (based on the tv show The Bachelor).

Here's my proposed ideas for the rooms:

One of the YoVillians reminded me of Chris Harrison
so I put him on the outside of the house in the bushes,
I thought it was funny:

For some reason, Richie Rich made me think of
"Riffi Rich" and I just had to do a comic book cover
of her with her Boyfriends (The Bachelors).
It turned out like this:

It was loosely based on this 1981 Richie Rich Comic Book cover:

Which one do you like better? :)

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