Friday, February 24, 2012

I *heart* SoundCloud

I have a new page for music, it's called SoundCloud,
 and I really, really love this website!!

You can easily upload your home created sounds or songs,
it's super easy to figure out, and there's no head scratchin' required.

The features I enjoy the most?
You can add a description to the sound byte that allows
you to use links to other webs. This way I can
upload a sound byte that I may have created for one of my films
or pieces of art and then provide the listener the option
to take a peek if they want to see how I used it.

What I also think is quite brilliant, is that you can leave
comments on a specific area of the sound creation or 
you can just leave a general comment on the whole piece.

This is an example:

The little icon on the blue bar is where a comment was left.

You can also put a specific graphic on each
sound byte you upload--someone was really thinking
when they planned this site! Kudos to them
for really pondering the needs of creative people.

Here's the link to my page:
 SoundCloud ~ GioLovesYou

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