Friday, October 7, 2011

ModTherapy™ for Jim Carrey

Riffy (see previous post) has invited Jim Carrey to her place for ModTherapy™. What a biatch it must be to be famous, receiving conflicting love and hate from your fans--
 no wonder he's risen above it all with his massive 

Some music before you dare look at this
(Click on PLAY when you get there)

To understand this post, check out his latest photo here:

>>> JIM CARREY <<<

He should really listen to Riffy and he can choose which house he wants to get his help at in YoVille. Actually it's pretty cool that he entertains the people who follow him on Twitter in a humorous way. 

The crazy theme has always been a favorite one for artist's to toy with:

"Crazy In Love"

Enjoy some of Riffy's ModTherapy™ rooms below,
(because someone has to restore sanity and unity
to a world gone very, very mad..
(#OccupyWallStreet, #OccupySeattle):

 If you can't laugh at the world around you,
you'll find yourself next to Jim Carrey in that cell.
He should really learn to lighten up, eh? ;D

Here's to the crazy ones:

*waves at Paparazzi looking for Jim Carrey scoop*

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