Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lady Luck Abundance

Today it was Spring-like, so I took advantage of the warm and sunny day and got out my latest library book and went out to the deck. I had a ladybug experience:

This is the Ladybug that landed on my nose

Suddenly Ladybugs were everywhere!

I found this explanation:

"Finally, after consuming aphids all summer-long, the air starts to turn brisk, and the Ladybugs begin to seek shelter for the winter. They cluster together by the thousands (for warmth, it's presumed) under dead leaves, inside hollow logs, and even high up in the eaves of our houses.  For still unknown reasons, they tend to prefer light-colored structures with a prominent southern exposure.  There they will remain in hibernation until the warmer temperatures return."

The Classic Red Ladybug sunbathing

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