Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Dog gets a Halloween Snuggie

I discovered Suki on my bed so decided to cover her in
a Halloween blanket. She looked so adorable.
I tried to get the best photo I could, but the flash annoyed
her and she got down and left!

A few minutes later, she couldn't resist me and returned.
This time she plopped on the floor and I thought,
"oh, what could one more snuggie photo op hurt?"

So I waited for her to doze off but she seemed to be
on to what I was doing (could it have been the bright flash???)
as I discreetly snapped this from my computer.

Then after I sneezed about 10x in a row she said,
"That's it! I'm out of here!" and dragged her little
blanket on her back as she wandered off.
Later I heard laughter off in the distance and
someone said "Is Suki a ghost?" 

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