Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eyes Of Newt, what a hoot!

I am filled with gratitude, because today I received another mini for my Halloween Tree from my talented and generous artist friend, Stacia. The entire thing was custom designed from a previous exchange and lucky me, she had one left over that she had forgotten about!

So I went in search of just the right background to photograph it
against and spotted the tiny tomatoes on the deck which are
just now turning orange so appear to be mini pumpkins.
I adore how the cap of the tomato stretches out like a green starfish.

She hand-applied the glitter to each eye of newt and let me tell you
this, they are tiny--the entire jar with the charm top is only 1" high!
I hope you enjoy these photos and the splendor of the season--
keep your eyes open for the small but spectacular things in life.

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