Thursday, September 29, 2011

Become one of Riffy's Halo Charter Angels for only $1

Tonight I designed the first version of a logo for a charity
foundation I have created called Riffy's Halo.
I intend to use it in different ways and to give a portion of
some of my future earnings to help women and girls
so they can create a brighter future for themselves.

I am also going to write an e-Book for women which is what
inspired me to figure out a way to give back and help others.
So I am very pleased to have the logo complete so I can
move forward with this project and my ideas.

Right now, and for a limited time only, I am offering preferred
memberships so you can become a Charter Angel for only $1.
 I am making this available through the Indie GoGo site,
please read the first perk on the page if you'd like to help me
make this become a reality. Charter Angels from this time period
will always be given top preference for whatever I do pertaining to
 my organization in the future. Everyone loves being a
do-gooder and now you can be one for only a buck! 

(p.s. It's the first perk called the Lighter Fluid Squirt)

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