Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What is the big picture?

I took the time to figure out what that means to me back in March.
The following blog sums up what I realized. Enjoy! 

The big picture never ends no matter what you achieve….
that is what it's truly about.

There's always something new to try or learn or rethink or simply imagine then create. An entrepreneur feels excitement from creating something from nothing and has the ability to get those around him or her motivated by the idea as well. It takes courage and requires risk, but anything you want in life stems from your belief in yourself--and a good dose of optimism--which the most admired leaders and businesses possess. 

When you live in the big picture, you share and you don't worry about limiting beliefs because you understand that there will always be enough for everyone if we teach everyone important values. Teaching is automatic when you think large, and you realize the importance of delivering a message and storytelling in today's society. When you see the big picture, you understand the role of self-esteem in every human, and you make decisions
realizing that everyone needs guidance through kindness. 

It's caring about politics, the environment and what messages are
being sent via the media to the rest of the world and if they are
negative, doing your part to show otherwise.
It's about understanding that our time here is short and
what we leave behind has a huge impact.
You see the power behind the word "legacy".

It's about recognizing the beauty in those around you and getting
them to see their strengths instead of focusing on their faults.
When you are not treated with the respect you deserve, you take
the higher path realizing it is not your role to teach others their life
lessons, only to guide them to be their best. When people fail,
you make them see that failure is precisely how you get to
success and how it is a vital part of the process.

Ultimately it's about disciplining your mind to be able to constantly

think of new ways to solve problems and give your ideas, visions
 and energy to the world in a way that is most beneficial to all.
You understand that it really is about "we" as a collective.
 If one lives the bigger picture, one forgives, learns,
shares, inspires, gives back, and pays it forward.
And one has laughter in Every. Single. Day.

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