Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vintage Halloween Find 2010

I haven't blogged here in a year! Oh my...

I usually come to this site when something reminds me of my wonderful friend Wendy (or Halloween) as I really don't spend much time blogging. I was just reading her post at The Halloween Tree about vintage Halloween (one of my favorite things!) and thought I'd share a photo of the authentic old-school Halloween Pumpkin with Cat that I came across in an antique shop. I flipped and had to get it! I don't think it gives as much delight to people who didn't have that sort of a thing in their childhood, (they might even find it gaudy--imagine!) but it is just like the cupcake toppers that Mom used to put on our treats at Halloween.
I still have a couple of those original toppers along with some other tiny items in a rubbermaid marked "Little Things That Make Me Happy". 
I hope to find more vintage Halloween items in the future
or at least some good knockoffs. 

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