Thursday, December 17, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I was walking down a major boulevard
and I was about to encounter a man that was obviously homeless.
As we started to cross paths he said to me "Have a safe evening"
to which I replied "you too!" Obviously this person had accepted
his role as a homeless person and all the labels attached to it
and clearly he had developed his own strategy for diffusing
the element of fear that some people attach to the homeless.

My Father did a lot of community work before he passed on and as a humanitarian he did what he could to help the homeless so I probably have a different perspective than most people on who they are so had no fear as I saw him. I saw someone who at some point had simply given up on life--who knows why or what the real circumstances surrounding him may have been.

My Dad and me in 1969:

Read the fascinating story of an activist who is using the social media to create awareness here


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Great post...and adorable photo of you and your Dad...I just love that!

Also...if people would ever go down to a homeless shelter and help serve food...they would would also be able to diffuse some of their own fears of the homeless and become more empathetic. Not all of them are there by choice and lack of motivation.

exoticat said...

Yes, was discussing this with someone recently (someone from my past who showed up who is very interesting and fun). Not wanting to see or look at whatever it is that is difficult in one's life is always about fear. The answer is to jump in and face one's fears in life and make them powerless no matter what they may be. Your suggestion in the above example is superb.

I have that original photo of my Dad and me in a photo booth taped on my iMac, I see it everyday! *~* LOVE ♥ ~*~ :))))